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The German Shepherds here are all well balanced mentally and physically.  Colors and patterns include;   black, bi-color/blanake back, blue, brindle, fawn, isabella, liver, panda, sable, solid,  colored patterns as well as both standard / brush and long coats.   

The Shepherds  raised are generally cat (when raised with them), child, and small dog friendly; they are protective, but not aggressive, there is a big difference.

German Shepherds are a breed of canine with a high level of intelligence that can be raised to thrive in many living situations.  They can be apartment dwellers, RV traveling companions, farm hands, watch dogs, and even urban housing family dogs.  This breed is also noted for their devotion to the family, as well as being easily trained to do almost any task:  From sniffing out drugs, to keeping watch over small children.  

Just with many breeds of dogs, there are two types of shepherds:

Working vs Companion

  • Working dogs need an occupation, they have a strong drive and want to be doing something all the time.  Their eagerness to please is fueled by ambition.  This is the type of shepherd for police departments, search & rescue, agility, obedience title seekers, or therapy dogs.    Many imported dogs are this type, so, know what you are getting! These working line bred dogs do not make perfect pets.
  • Companion dogs are more laid back, they still have drive to please and work, but on a much more manageable level that makes them more suitable for family life.   This is the type of shepherd that most American families are seeking and should get.   This is the dog that once adopted, the family would not give a million dollars in return for them! So be sure to let us know the type of German Shepherd you are looking for.


With Jason being in law enforcement, I know what it takes to have a strong working dog.   I have import working lines as well as American show lines.  I strive to produce the perfect companion animals, guardians, working canines; basically the total dog.   Without them being a liability.

No matter what type of German Shepherd you decide to get just make sure you are able to give adequate time and training.  A dog is as well behaved as much as you put the time into it.  German Shepherds are naturally clean dogs and are very easy to house train. If you already have one dog, they will generally follow the lead of that dog in it’s potty behavior so make sure the established dog is well trained before bringing in the new dog.

Please know when you inquire about a puppy I will ask what 'type' of GSD you are looking for.  I will ask what other animals you have or are thinking of having, the ages of your children, and what you hope your adult GSD will be for you as an adult.   Then once I get to know what it is you are looking for in your fur friend we can then discuss coat type, coat color, body style, size etc.... The most important thing to discuss first is what you are expecting of your new fur friend.

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